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« High Quality Thalassery Goats Supply all over Tamilnadu »

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« Soaps made from Goat milk can be used to treat eczema. »

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«High Quality goats feeds and seeds that act as an immune agent.»

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vinayagargoatfarm (P) Ltd Sine 2009 we one of the renowned Thalassery Goats farm in Tamil Nadu . We are widely acknowledged for our sound infrastructure and cooperative staff. We offer the entire range of services and products to our clients as per their specifications. Our team members work efficiently to provide best solutions according to industry norms and guidelines. Further, we are also widely acclaimed for our client centric policies, goal oriented approach and fair business dealings. These quality based poultry services are offered by us keeping in mind all the hygienic factors.

We have an efficient team of skilled professionals. Our team members work in a sophisticated manner to offer hygienic and healthy goats to the customers. We offer Thalassery Goats to our high profile clients situated globally at market leading price

We are highly acknowledged for offering quality based services to the customers in a cost effective manner. For this purpose, we hire a skilled team of professionals highly experienced in their relevant domain. Besides these, we also arrange extensive programs to enhance the skills of our personnel’s. These services are offered by us at reasonable prices.

Tellicherry goat is an excellent breed for meat, milk and skin. These goats are mainly found in the state of Kerala and surrounding Tamil Nadu state. Pure breeds are found in the districts of Thalacherry, Kasargod, Kannur and Kozikkot in Kerala.

    Physical characteristics of the Tellicherry Goat :

  • 1. Tellicherry Goats are in white, brown and black colors.
  • 2. No uniform color and the coat varies from completely white to black.
  • 3. The Tellicherry goats are medium in size
  • 4. Although they are similar to the Beetal goat, Malabari goats weigh more, have shorter ears and legs, and have larger testicles
  • 5. Malabari(Tellicherry) goats have a medium sized head with a flat and occasionally a Roman nose with medium sized ears directed outward and downward.
  • 6. The body weight of an adult Bucks and Does varies from 50-60 kg and 30-40 kg respectively.
  • 7. The age at sexual maturity in male and female varied from 5 to 6 months.
Vinayagar Goat Farm

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High Quality Thalassery Goats Supply all over Tamilnadu

Goat Milk is easily digestable and Soaps made from Goat milk

Soaps made from Goat milk can be used treatment of eczema & psoriasis

High Quality goats feeds and seeds that will help in rapid weight gain and act as immune agent.

Goat manure fertilizer can help gardeners produce healthier plants and crop yields.

Specialised Training for farmers in goat breeding


Goodness of Goat Milk

  • It's easier to digest. It's not completely free of lactose, the sugar found in cow's milk, but the lactose content in goat's milk is lower. ...
  • It's good for the skin. ...
  • It's high in calcium and other minerals. ...
  • It boasts healing properties. ...
  • It contains fewer allergens. ...
  • It's good for your cholesterol. Goat milk is rich in essential fatty acids and triglycerides, which makes it very good for the skin. And since it is alkaline, it doesn't irritate the skin. Moreover, goat milk is loaded with vitamin A – which is one crucial nutrient for the skin. The lactic acid in the milk hydrates and brightens the skin

Our bathing soap does much more than just cleansing our body. And when it comes to goat milk soap, you can expect a lot more!

  • Cleanses Gently Yet Deeply
  • Gives Healthy And Nourished Skin
  • Keeps The Skin Soft And Moisturized
  • Prevents Premature Aging
  • Keeps Skin Acne-Free
  • Relieves Irritation And Inflammation
  • Heals Skin Infections Quickly
  • Maintains pH Balance Of The Skin
  • Repairs Damaged Skin Faster
  • Protects From Skin Cancer
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