Our Infrastructure


Equipped with modern fabric cutting tools, we do all sort of cutting in-house for your bulk production


We do provide all kinds of hand as well as computer embroidery services.We have a quality array of Multi Head Computer Embroidery Sequin Machine.


Our sewing team is facilitated to do all kinds of sewing matching your instruction.Our factories are capable of producing 750,000 pieces in a month.


All Garments are quality check, before they are proceed ahead for the finishing department.It is manned by qualified personnel who inspect each and every stages of the production process.


Under this services we typically do four things – cutting of unnecessary threads, washing, ironing and final touch up of each pieces before it goes in the hand of quality control team.


All the garments are packed individually in the poly-bag. Packing measures conform to international norms and are periodically updated and monitored by a QA team.

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Maria Lebowskii

Maria Lebowskii

Maria Lebowskii

Fabric Types

There are many types of fabric.Choosing fabric for clothes is the most important step in sewing a garment.

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